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web browsers for mobile phone

Mobile Browser is also known as wireless internet browser (WIB), is a web browser specially designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or on PDA mobiles. Mobile browsers are designed for small screens on portable devices. Mobile browser software must be small and efficient to use at the low memory capacity and low bandwidth of wireless devices. As of 2006 some of mobile browsers could handle technologies like CSS 2.1, JavaScript and Ajax also. Websites designed for access from mobile browsers are known as web portal. They might create mobile phone version of every page.

Popular mobile browsers:

Mobile browser is a web emulator, which uses a Virtual Handset to display WAP pages on your computer screen, implemented
under in Java or as a HTML transcoder. Following are some of popular mobile browser examples.

WebKit is layout engine design for web browsers to open web pages. WebKit powers Google Chrome and Safari too.

Firefox for mobile is name for the Mozilla Firefox web browser devices such as mobile phones and PDA.

NetFront Browser is beautiful mobile internet browser used for embedded devices and it is developed by Access Co. Ltd. and was designed as an embedded browser.

Opera Mobile is smart web browser specially designed for windows mobiles, java phones and small nokia classic phones.

Skyfire is elegant web browser which renders requested web page on mobile phones, Skyfire normally runs on Google Android and its no longer support for Symbian Operating systems or Windows Mobiles.

Opera Mini is mobile web browser clearly designed for mobile phones, smartphones and for personal digital devices.

Vision formerly called nWeb is smart internet browser for mobile devices designed by Novarra Inc. The product consists service that acts as a proxy that works on Java Platform.

WinWAP web browser is designed for WAP made phones by Winwap Technologies and it is available for Microsoft Windows and any Windows CE powered device.

These are some mobile phone browsers from many browser and some others are as follows:

Default Browsers Used By Vendors:

Android browser
BlackBerry Browser
Firefox for mobile
Internet Explorer Mobile
Iris Browser
Kindle Basic Web
Myriad Browser
Nokia Series 40 Browser
Obigo Browser
Opera Mobile
PlayStation Portable web browser
Polaris Browser
Series 60 web browser
Skyfire Mobile Browser
uZard Web
WebOS Browser

User installable Web browsers:

BOLT browser
Dolphin Browser
Firefox for mobile
Opera Mini
Opera Mobile
UC Browser
Vision Mobile Browser

Now, you can download that browsers from internet and surf internet on your phone or other digital media device via your
favorite mobile phone browser.